Day 37

by dennisedmons

Today’s post will be brief; I have to go to a venture capital/entrepreneurial meeting with a busload of interns…

The idea of intention, and all the baggage that it entails is a great thing for depressed people to think about. The pseudo-scientific claim goes something like this: If your intentions are clear and purposeful, the universe is all to willing to help you out.

This harkens to the Law of Attraction, made pop-culturally famous by The Secret and other books borne out of the idea that quantum consciousness holds a key to unlock human potential.

If you think it’s bogus, then the argument goes that you thinking that is bogus makes it so for you. If you think it holds some form of truth, then on the one hand, at least you haven’t ruled out the possibility for your own life.

I tend to vacillate between the two stances. I like the idea of it, and it fits in nicely with any number of world religions and spiritual practices. Replace “the universe” with a name of a god or God, and there you go. He or she or it is there to ensure your success in this life and beyond. A true intention, one that resonates from within your core, connects you to that spiritual or celestial source, giving you power and assistance.

Depression has real consequences, consequences that are hard to quantify, but these can be assisted in a world belief (where the world is the reality made up by your chosen deity, deities, or scientific law) that supports your continued evolution and unfolding as a creature of divine substance. Merely intending to get help, and taking that first step, allows the universe (or whatever) to help you, providing synchronicities and guidance down your path to health.


  • physical self: 10 minutes of cardio
  • mental self: I read a book on startups, filling my noggin with facts and figures
  • emotional self: neglected
  • spiritual self: asked for guidance, letting whatever connects me to the Source help illuminate my path. It’s out of my hands to an extent now.