Day 36, the 100%

by dennisedmons

I was struck recently with the passion of the OWS movement. After watching some of the compassion of some of the people that I know who have been frequently going downtown to talk and show their support, I couldn’t help but by jealous of the dedication and devotion to a cause that is greater than their own sense of self or ego.

I then tried to think if I had that same sort of devotion to something greater than myself.

Inherent in those questions is the assumption that I myself am not the greatest things out there, and that is a good place to start. However, for all intents and purposes, a sick self cannot heal until it is healed.

If we take that a step further, it is not the thought that we are separate that is necessarily a key to unlocking true potential, but it is the thought that we are together that should fuel that change.

If we are truly connected to one another, like quantum theorists, Eastern mystics, and true Christians all believe, then healing the self ends up being a service to those around us. If we are all connected through god (or God), quantum consciousness, or divine light, then repairing our “damages” becomes a healing act to those around us (and those through which we are connected).

Any form of self-improvement or mindfulness practice becomes a way of repairing that disconnect that we feel around us. The beauty that we see around us becomes the beauty we see within us.

In the end, it’s not that we have the numbers on our side, nor is it the thought that we are 99% of the population. Instead it becomes the knowledge that we are in fact 100% of the world, connected through it and around it. We share the same experiences, even though others’ experiences might differ in vast ways to our own. It’s only the fractured nature of our limited vision that allows us to see differences and see ego as something worthy of our attention.

We are the 100%.

  • physical self: 10 minutes of cardio (still can’t get over that hump)
  • mental self: presented a collection of data to some interns, showing them that true business, one that is built sustainably on a foundation of service to others, is the only kind that will weather the impending changes in certain sectors.
  • emotional self: integrated the notion that we are connected through my own self-reflection. Kept trying to remind myself that the object is not the source of depression, it is the link that my fractured self creates with it.
  • spiritual self: mindful meditation for about ten minutes in the morning.