Day 34

by dennisedmons

I started listening to an audio book in my car yesterday, and it’s a book on Superhero consciousness written by Deepok Chopra. It’s actually quite interesting, and I think one of the best things about it is the notion that we all have some sort of latent power as humans, that as we mindfully tap into our creativity, we are able to find true sources of energy and power.

I understand that some of it’s a bit out there, but a lot of it has to do with a combination of Jungian Shadow-integration, a semblance of Campbell’s myth theory, all combined with the renewed examination of Eastern philosophy, empowered by quantum consciousness.

It’s a bit much, but it’s been great to listen to. It helps me remember the priority of traffic as a byproduct of being in the car, as opposed to being the priority.

One of the beautiful things is that it often talks about embracing our shadows in order to integrate all aspects of ourselves. This is a dangerous thing for someone who is being prescribed medication for depression without being supported with therapy. How are you supposed to know about your triggers without someone to talk to? How are you supposed to be mindful without a teacher helping you?

This is one of the dangers of over-medication. Medication and pharmacology are wonderful tools for assistance, but I think that sometimes we forget about that part. That’s probably a bit dangerous.


  • physical self: 10 minutes of cardio
  • mental self: started listening to a nonfiction audiobook
  • emotional self: tried to mindfully reflect on my own shadow
  • spiritual self: meditated/prayed about our future