Day 30

by dennisedmons

Is this some sort of milestone? I’m not sure… I don’t feel any different necessarily. I just feel more resolved I guess.

Something did happen today, though. I noticed that someone found this site by googling “Day 19 sertraline.” This got me thinking about how glad I am to be off that stuff.

But it also made me stop and think about what I was doing here. Sure, maybe there’s some sort of pat-myself-on-the-back thing here, and maybe I need that a little bit. It’s good to sit here and think, “wow; I’ve been trying to be a better person for a whole month.” But we don’t live in bubbles, you know? We are all interrelated, and I want this place to be a site that can possibly help someone who’s struggling. Or just to reinforce positive ideologies maybe…

But how does one do that? That’s going to be my goal today, as I reflect on 30 days of self-improvement. How can I improve this blog’s stated goal of reaching out? How can I be an example to others? What kind of information should I share? etc etc etc etc

Happy Humpday, everybody. Hopefully your descent into the weekend bliss is enjoyable.

  • physical self: 10 minutes of cardio (I think I’m going to have to increase this soon)
  • mental self: I finished reading a book on distributed networks, and then I spent 30 glorious minutes discussing with a cohort the real-world applications of that theory
  • emotional self: was able to notice uncontrolled anger. I actually noticed it and prevented it from making an outward manifestation!
  • spiritual self: 10 minutes of mediation